Contractor Qualification Statements

Digital Qualifications

Contractor Qualification Statements are going digital. Greater accuracy, enhanced metrics, capability, accessibility and automation with improved security, confidentiality and independent validation.

Construction Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence extends consistent and independent analysis of a contractors qualifications while offering real time updates. Organization steering committees establish validation standards.

Construction Digital Standards


Bid Forms Organization standards are derived in part by the combined integration of multiple standards of existing industries, the protocols and procedures to establish an efficient and reliable foundation for the exchange of confidential financial data.

Construction industry technology


Construction industry technology requires coordination between dissimilar and often competing interest who’s diversity includes external cross functional organizations with limited technology experience, resources and knowledge.

Residential Construction<br />

Residential Construction

Residential construction project pricing is more of a short term direct relationship with contractors where buyers and sellers operate around industry standards, technology and regulations.

Commercial Construction Technologies

Commercial Construction

Pricing a commercial construction project is a complex process that involves the entire supply chain from ownership to management, consultants and contractors.