Commercial Construction

Pricing a commercial construction project is a complex process that may involves the entire supply chain from ownership to management, consultants and contractors to material and equipment suppliers.

Commercial construction buyers consume construction services in many ways involving multiple tiers of management and authorizations within the construction supply chain.

Commercial Buyers can be faced with similar challenges as residential. Many understand the process but they’re not professional consumers. Some turn to consultants and general contractors while others self-navigate due to budget constraints. Each following a different process between conception and execution.

Technology needs to adapt to existing industry (trade) operating procedures. Buyer requirements include access to pricing multiple trades concurrently as much as a single trade – one at a time. Electronic Construction Bid Systems must be accessible to multiple tiers of management in the real estate service provider ecosystem as much as tiers of interconnected construction service providers and material suppliers.

Secure internet connectivity provides the foundation to integrate the combined objectives of buyers, sellers and regulators. Solutions must be customized to meet the requirements of industry segments and guide buyers through the complexity of each trade. Global Solutions must be scalable to address the smallest tenant improvement, property facelift and ground up construction projects.

We advocate standards and technology implementations that are secure, confidential, independent, inexpensively, easily adopted by contractors, related service providers and informative to simplify the buyers experience.

Commercial Benefits

Clear Expectations
Commercial construction buyers know their properties but rely on contractors to make recommendations on the methods, techniques, process and materials used for repairs and upgrades.

A well defined Scope-of-Work helps the buyer understand what’s included under the hood. The lowest price may include a suitable SOW but it doesn’t directly or equally compare with the cost of best practices and materials.

Members are committed to submitting detailed pricing on a clear Scope-of-Work as the fundamental basis of comparing contractor prices independent of their professional presence and presentation.

Price Comparison & Analysis
Organization Members submit price quotes in a standard format defined by industry professionals, organizations and associations. Consistent price formats facilitates side-by-side comparison where digital submissions automate the entire financial analysis and decision process for buyers.
Consistent Format
Industry Associations like AIA started creating standardized form formats for the construction industry in the late 1960s but they’re rarely used in price sensitive residential markets.

Notably these forms originated in the world of paper and had their limitations as well as delivery requirements. Technology eliminates the reproduction of analog based forms while creating huge opportunities to enhance user input and automate analysis and delivery of the output with consistency and accuracy.

Contractor / Service Quality
Every buyers goal is to evaluate contractors on multiple levels with a main focus on price and quality. Standardize quote formats based on a defined scope of work eliminates the need to worry about price and allow buyers to focus on the professionalism of contractors trying to obtain their confidence.