Digital Contractor Qualifications

Digital statements are interactive automatically retrieving data from the cloud to update contractors and key personnel on registered projects. Annual project tracking enhance company profiles with cumulative progress rankings.

Analog Statement Sample

The paper version of a contractors qualification statement contains five sections with project references on separate pages. A sample copy can be downloaded and used to collect information required for a digital version.

Setup Requirements

Professional contractor qualification statements include the following information. Industry details are specific to a contractor’s trade(s) and specialty in that field.

  • Company Identity Admin’s
  • Company Information
  • Industry / Trade Specific(s)
  • Key Company Personnel
  • Extended Personnel
  • Insurance Details
  • Project References
  • Trade References
  • Customer References
  • Financial References & Details
  • The analysis of each category is published as-defined by administrators. Key employee qualifications are based on employer related project performance.