Contractor Qualification Statements

Kicked into the Future!


Digitized data offers advanced analytics and automation with independent ranking and assessment reports that can keep confidential data safe and protect critical financial data from disclosure without compromising value.

Digital Contractor Qualifications Profiles offer enhancements that help buyers evaluate contractors based on established and proven standards where value propositions can be linked directly to key construction project metrics.

Commercial Contractors

Digital Qualification Statements enhance current information standards with independent and automated analysis based on consistent analytical principles.Cloud technology offers contractors the resources to automate electronic delivery, process annual updates, maintain historic records and produce independent assessments of the various categories recommended by industry.

Automate repetitive processes like request and fulfillment of “Additional Insured Certificates” , maintain confidentiality and supplement financial data with professional rankings.

Build multiple Qualification Profiles from customized segments of existing data that can be added as necessary to fit different project requirements.

Link customer reference data to your cloud storage and track customer performance to update and enhance independent assessment rankings.

Residential Contractors

Your Digital Qualification Statement will show where your company fits in the overall markets. Analytics demonstrates how a contractor compares with other local contractors in the same trade and nationally by size of the company.Offer a Verified Qualification Statement to stand out as a real professional. Extend your professional presence with Confidential Rankings and Assessed Reports and eliminate most competitors to close more sales – faster.

Take it further by showing commitment to Professional Rules of Ethics when submitting prices supported by a professionally prepared scope of work with a Membership package.

Don’t be caught without it!
Even if states don’t require it, prudent buyers have a right to ask for and see a contractors qualifications just to verify insurance and certification. Make sure prospects are asking for qualification statements from competing contractors by offering yours.