BidForms is the primary architect of the Construction Project Supply Chain Infrastructure (CaPSCi). CaPSCi is a technology architecture designed to establish a confidential computing environment for the secure automated exchange of data between dissimilar platforms within the diverse ecosystems of property.

SLACi leads a consortium of PropTech / ConTech platforms deploying CaPSCi for commercial property in the United States.

BidForms Solutions include blockchain identity components, professional media, quality assurance and analytics for contractors. In addition, BidForms acts as marshal, gatekeeper and authority of strategic data exchange between CaPSCi platforms.

Construction Identity

Issues Encrypted Identity’s for Contractors, AEC Professionals, Manufacturers and Suppliers of construction related equipment and materials. Digital identity’s are at the center of retaining cloud data ownership, automating logins and authorizing exchange of data between service provider platforms throughout property ecosystems.

Digital Contractor Qualification Statement™

BidForms pioneered advanced electronic versions of industry standard contractor qualification statements with automated project tracking, confidential data exchange and real time reporting features. DaCQ™ is a confidential digital storage facility for contractor references and data routinely exchanged with construction buyers prior to and/or at the time of contract execution.

Contractor Qualification Analytics

Advanced reporting of contractor qualifications and performance. Project based analytics automatically analyzes the performance and quality of work performed by the contractor and key field personnel. Public reporting is isolated to metrics keeping confidential data secure from even trusted actors.

Combined, encrypted identity’s in construction allow Property (PropTech) and Construction (ConTech) technology platforms to establish communications, automate and simplify the strategic exchange of data between service providers. DaCQ’s provide the data store cloud platforms access to request an exchange of data. This may be strategically initiating a COI exchange directly between the contractors Insurance company and its client (eliminating third party exposure), or automatically linking tenants, property managers and contractors to automate maintenance dispatching through end to end scheduling solutions digitally integrated across platforms.

Architectural Team

Anthony de Kerf Sr. Architect CaPSCi

Anthony de Kerf

Construction & Technology

Sr Architect of digital infrastructures connecting the diverse ecosystems that service the build, operation and management of real property and advisor to Prop-ConTech platform developers. Previously, Anthony pioneered the three tier topology for remote management networks as CEO of Tron.

Anthony de Kerf Sr. Architect CaPSCi

Jeremy Murtishaw

Network Infrastructures & Security

CISO, Sr. Blockchain Architect, Jeremy Murtishaw is Founder, CEO and cyber security analysts at Fortify24x7. Jeremy pioneered internal data intrusion detection systems for complex EMR (Electronic Medical Records) platforms as the former Chairman and CEO of CyPace. Jeremy was previously at Intel as Director of Network Infrastructures.

Anthony de Kerf Sr. Architect CaPSCi

Gary Davis

Sr. Technical Writer

Sr Technical Writer at BlackLine a cloud platform that automates and controls financial close and accounting processes. Gary’s previous experience includes product market development, complex network design and construction documentation.

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