A Different Infrastructure

The diversity of contractors and several degrees of separation are behind the industry’s slow adoption of technology and development of the resources and requirements it faces in the future. The objective of organization members are to define, document and update as necessary the cross functional technology requirements to connect construction buyers, contractors, consultants and related commercial real estate service providers.

The broader industry needs an advocate who can keep up to date with advancements in technologies as they relate to construction industry requirements. Additionally, experts supporting technology must understand the process and requirements of various construction communities. The combined advocates shall set standards for the adoption, development and design of trade specific technology the industry can trust.

Adopt systems methods and technology that facilitates communication between dissimilar and widely diverse application and user interfaces. Establish secure exchange of information between various elements of the infrastructure in such ways that isolates confidential data of individual entities. Support the storage, manipulation and editing of incoming data separate from storage and transmission of user’ output data across the infrastructure.

Engage industry and trade associations to assist with establishing the foundations for an electronic footprint specific to each type of industry and trade category. Encourage members of trade and technology to participate in developing improvements.