Qualification Statements

We adopt and advocate protocols and procedures for the secure, confidential storage and exchange of contractors qualification data digitally while facilitating the creation, management and oversight of an independent and inexpensive platform accessible to the construction community.

A contractors’ qualification statement provides insight to the company, its business structure, trade, field of operation and specialty work the firm performs along with market or geological reach. In addition, Trade associations often recommend disclosure of confidential financial and insurance information while governments (city, county and state buyers) often extend disclosures to include their own requirements.

Until now, analysis and interpretation of the contents of any qualification statement has always been subject to individual interpretations and valuations. Digital storage and artificial intelligence offers consistent and standards based analytics to improve evaluation of contractor qualifications as they relate to any given project.

See more about the value proposition Digital Contractor Qualification Statements offer and how Industry benefits from storing and updating contractor data in the cloud.