Encrypted Contractor identity

A contractor’s encrypted identity is the key to automated communications with field employees, updating clients and other stakeholders involved in build and management of property.
What encrypted identity’s do for Contractors
  • ECIs Identify Contractor Firms in the Digital World
  • Extends to Identify Key Contractor Employees
  • Establishes Confidential Computing Environment
  • Enables Digital Discovery by Clients & Prospects
  • Multi-Factor Authentication [MFA] Security Models
  • Independent MFA Entities Verify and Validate Identity’s
  • Automates Credential Authentication Silently
  • Authenticates Confidential Data Exchange
  • Identity Authentication between Diverse Ecosystems
  • Authorizes Data Exchange Between Platforms
  • Leverage the Cloud as an Enterprise Application
  • Optimizes Client / Supply Side Communications
  • Strong Fraud Detection
  • Improves Daily Processes to Reduce Costs/Overhead
  • Interacts with Suppliers
  • Integrate Client-Tenant Interactions
  • Automates Maintenance Dispatching
  • Automate COI Requests Deliverables
  • Automate Performance Tracking
  • Digitizes COI Requests & Deliverables
  • Eliminates Third Party Access to Confidential Info
Digitalized construction project details offers real-time updates and reporting of performance data. Contractors are no longer subject to individual analysis of ad hoc ratings and the unqualified reviews of anonymous users. Track projects to enhance the analysis of firms and personnel.