Building Information Models (BIM)

An Introduction
BIM technology in built is vital to the artificial intelligence (AI) requirements of Construction PropTech.

The objective of BIM tech for existing buildings centers on establishing a foundation for autonomous property management and improving the efficiency of maintenance.

Operating BIM Objects in built are created by property service providers

Data Value

Diverse BIM Technology

Notably, there’s a significant difference in BIM technologies between building operation and design.

Visualization data for design and construction applications demand considerable data and processing.

Property operation (and autonomy) requires a much smaller data library to improve user efficiency.

BIM Data 

Property Data Ownership Ecosystems
Building Data Value

The operational building information model is a light weight data technology.

These simplistic building objects can be authored and deployed by the property’s service provider ecosystem. And, most BIM data has already been compiled in excel and O&M manuals.

The next steps are cloud storage and access control providing BIM access to tenants and service providers.

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Scalable Autonomy

Independent Industry Identity Solutions are Scalable Outside Build/t Environments
Autonomous Buildings

Autonomous building operation starts with the creation of BIM objects and storing data files in the cloud.

Property, grounds, leasable space, systems and equipment data are the libraries PropTech AI use to simplify day to day management, routine services, upgrades and unscheduled maintenance.

Property owners can acquire a digital identity to assure transferability, implement data access control, enhance security and authenticate access to building data libraries by service providers, AI and Construction PropTech.

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CaPSCi Access Control

Independent Industry Identity Solutions are Scalable Outside Build/t Environments


CaPSCi defines building data as a transferrable asset of current ownership. Property storage accounts should be owned by investors and transferred with the property as a data asset during exchange events.

Identity infrastructures integrate advanced security and access control for BIM accessibility. Digitally authenticated service providers are automatically aligned with data access as authorized by building (owner) and property management controls.

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Samples of Operating BIMs are provided for discussion and testing Construction PropTech for contractor and property manager use-case applications.

Sample of Operational BIM Objects