BIM Project Costs

Where’s the Expense?

Automating routine property operations started with a small investment in BIM technology. Inasmuch, ownership required a few BIM datasets, cloud storage and identities. Construction PropTech, AI and the expense detailed below are recovered in out-of-pocket savings. Users realized additional efficiency in time and manpower for our sample project.

Property Owner

The next generation of management and contractor platforms will use BIM data access to autonomize many of today’s manual processes.

BIM Objects (4 each) 4 hrs $600
BIM Cloud Storage Annual $200
Access Control One-Time $1,000
Data Rate On-Demand $1
There’s a one time cost to create reusable BIM Objects. Cloud storage is a recurring annual expense. And, a single purchase digital identity is required for CaPSCi Access Control and AI autonomy.
Data rates similar to CAM charges will usually be absorbed by platforms performing data writes.

PM – Project Design

Construction PropTech using BIM data from the building and product manufacturers simplifies the task of pricing construction projects for property owners, consumers and professional managers.

In built, preparing a Scope of Work for building upgrades and services is required on-demand or when necessary.

AEC Consultant Reduced $7,500
Scope of Work AI One-Time $1,500
AI Users 4 $80
Data Rate Prepaid $1
BIM and identity technologies combined with the on-demand use-case displace subscription models so user and data costs will be embedded in the price of market solutions adopted by users.

Construction AI replaces the necessity of using consultants to prepare a scope of work. AI to generate a scope of work form BIM data is an as-required technology expensed directly to construction projects.

PM – Project Bid

BIM data extends autonomy to pricing models where digital submission offers rapid analysis of bid prices. 

Digital Bid On-Demand $200
Price Model Embedded $0
User Accounts 10 $0
Data Rate Prepaid $1

Bid submission technology also has an on-demand use-case but legalities require accurate records of user data stored in traditional accounts or persistent digital identities. 

Bid tech is a management facing technology benefiting owners and management with AI and autonomy. Intermittent users can’t be charged to submit prices or review bid submissions and the analysis thereof.


BIM extends autonomy to contractor technology. Improvements in cost analysis, bid accuracy and turn-around all derive from BIM parameters.

Project Estimation Third Party $0
Tech Specs & Docs Third Party $0
Digital Identity One-Time $500
Data Rate Prepaid $1

Digital identities are expensed by service providers to facilitate autonomous communications between diverse property stakeholders.

Identities link contractor tech and personnel to construction projects and AI libraries, autonomous scheduling, service requests, dispatching and work orders.

Limited Exposure

Building owners can limit exposure to emerging PropTech with BIM and Identity solutions.

Investor PropTech Cost $3,500
Project Savings Internal $4,000
Time Savings 100 hrs TBD
Data Rates Total < $4

Owner managed BIM clouds allow technology to be expensed where autonomy closes the gap between AI, proptech, construction, contractors and other service providers.

BIM and identities offer technology independence, enables on-demand price models and improves value in the property and its data