BIM for Property Operation

Building Information Models (BIM)

Consider BIM Technologies as the Data Libraries Artificial Intelligence (AI) use for Autonomous Construction PropTech

Property Operations

BIM has many use-cases in design, development and construction.

But the highest level of sustainable value is in property operation where markets have the lowest level of utilization.

BIM Data Structures

Existing property and new construction have similar requirements for storing digitized building data in a variety of formats. And today, digital data originates in build!

CaPSCi introduces a strategic list of BIM directories to organize storage for access control, facilitate autonomous property operations and secure confidential data.

Sample BIM Objects

Simple building objects can be authored and deployed by a property’s service provider ecosystem.

A sampling of BIM objects for a single story property are provided for review.

How BIM Works

Bottoms-Up Construction Technology Development
Not Just for Construction

BIM use in property operations reaches all corners of the property service provider ecosystem.

Take a tour of how building objects automate the process of performing a building systems upgrade.

Bottoms-Up Construction Technology Development

Project Costs

Bottoms-Up Construction Technology Development
Shared Cost & Savings

Explore the costs of our sample upgrade and who bares the expense of autonomous Construction PropTech.

The price of technology and resulting savings in time and expense are shared and scalable.

Bottoms-Up Construction Technology Development