Automated PropTech’s
Return on Investment

Cost of Scheduling Property Maintenance

It requires five to eight manhours to schedule property maintenance. Automating maintenance activities can recover up to 90% of the time managers spend on scheduling building maintenance.

Select the frequency of maintenance and adjust defaults to review efficiency values.

Maintenance Frequency

Cost / Incident:
Annual Incidents:
Manpower Cost:
Reduced Hours: 0
ROI (incidents):

Manpower efficiencies offered by PropTech Automation is shared by property management and service providers. The cost of technology is about the same for both users involving one time fees for an identity and applications with recurring charges for any cloud platforms users choose.


Fixed Cost± $6,500
Annual Costest.
Annual Savings
Recover Hours
ROI (incidents)

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Building Identity’s

Service Providers

Fixed Cost± $5,500
Annual Costest.
Annual Savings
Recover Hours
ROI (incidents)

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Service Provider Identity’s

*Property managers and service providers can go through eleven process steps to match and schedule service personnel with tenants. Conservatively, scheduling alone consumes a minimum of five man-hours between the three firms.


will be expensed over time beginning with Encrypted Identity’s that enable service provider automation. Other expensed software will include office and mobile device applications as they emerge.

Annual Cost

estimates include software provided by cloud platforms that enhance building operations for various types of ecosystem users and their unique applications of PropTech.

Annual Savings

is the total manpower expense that can be recovered minus the annual expense of technology. Values listed are proportionate to the manpower utilization rate of service providers.

Recovered Hours

represents a reasonable annual estimate of man hours that can be recovered by automating processes in scheduling building maintenance. Also listed are values proportionate to manpower utilization across the property’s service provider ecosystem.


is the number of maintenance calls required for service providers / ecosystems to recover annual software expenses.

Calculations are based on business days and presume users average about twenty minutes on each step. The complexity of some maintenance activities can require much more time, manpower and input of subject matter experts.

Delays due to conflicting office schedules and construction work environments are not reflected in the expense.