Supplier Membership

BidForms construction technology standards spans the entire Construction Project Supply Chain Infrastructure. Construction material suppliers, distributors and manufacturers as direct or indirect suppliers represent supply-side metrics where technology and automation will improve Contractor communications and engagement to benefit both Suppliers and the Construction Buyer.

Registered Subscribers receive a quarterly email to follow developments and announcements, news and advancements in each membership category, trade and/or field of technology.

Supplier Memberships include

    • Steering Committee Membership
      Denotes Developmental Participation in the Establishment & Adoption of Standards
      See Construction Steering Committee Methods & Guides
    • Supplier Membership
      Committed to Established Standards for Electronic Exchange of Pre-Construction Cost Data.
      See Supplier-Contractor Application Compatibility & API Authorized Lists
    • Supplier Partners
      Suppliers provide funding, design and/or development resources and support. Actively participates in design and development of standards and technologies for the automated exchange of pre-build cost data between suppliers and buyers with enhanced data exchange and feedback from established Construction Project Infrastructures.

Steering Groups

(Subscriber Status = Observer Only)

Bid Form Steering Group Members participate in development of technology standards and methods for the communication and exchange of confidential financial data between participants of dissimilar interest in the Construction Project Supply Chain Infrastructure.

Areas of Interest

      • Construction Product Price Data Exchange
      • Automated Cost Data Preservation & Updates
      • Interactive Project Cost Data Updates
      • Construction Project Cost Forecasting
      • Access Management and Authentication
      • Technology and Connectivity Requirements
      • Project Delay Market Price Updates
      • Data > Contractor Filtering
      • Price Data Confidentiality
      • IT Requirements & Cost Targets


Participation highlights the Construction Supplier Company as a thought leader in development of the next generation of Standards in construction technology that connects Suppliers and Contractors with Construction Project status feedback.

Supplier Members represent supply-side interest in establishing Standards around key operating procedures and secure technologies. Suppliers include small and large hardware, material and equipment suppliers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers who sell and distribute directly to contractors.

As a Steering Group Member, you’ll proudly display the BidForms Buyers Plaque to demonstrate you’re a though leader participating in development of advance technologies in construction. Separate BidForms Membership Plaques apply to participating companies and individuals (as employees) who participate independent of a company’s affiliation.


Establishes the Supplier as a Construction Standards based organization connected to construction buyers and contractors through industry defined process and procedures over secured network infrastructures.

A BidForm Member Plaque displayed on a Supplier website and marketing material indicates the organization is a Construction Supplier Member who offer contractors secured automated exchange of product price and availability data based on industry standards.

Benefits of Buyer Memberships

      1. Recognized Leader in Construction Supply Technology
      2. Automated Reach to Connected Contractors
      3. Construction Project Feedback
      4. Greater Product Line Exposure
      5. Targeted Product Line Impressions
      6. Ad Reach Control
      7. Improve Sales Efficiency
      8. Enhanced Contractor Engagement
      9. Accurate Demand Forecasting and Warehousing Logistics


BidForms Membership Plaques apply to participating supply-side companies and assure Contractors direct connectivity to the Suppliers website or data warehouse for real-time exchange of product costing data.

Cost Data Model Standards provides a foundation to integrate automated data exchange with enhanced operational control over price data related to Contractors (the construction supply buyer), individual Construction Projects and applicable components of any Construction Project Supply Chain Infrastructure.

Construction Suppliers who bare the BFO Plaque are electronically connected via professional data exchange standards and software APIs that automate exchange of pre-build cost data with contractors. Common software API standards mean consistent connectivity, reliable data exchange and remote user interaction no matter what cloud or desktop software contractors use.


Partners provide funding, design and development resources and support. They’re also credited as an Early Adopter of construction technology standards. Supplier Partners sell directly to contractors and range from distributors and wholesalers to material and product manufacturers’.

Supply-Side Partners work closely with the Organization to define the New Standards and deploy active technology in partnership with our Technology Partners. They are the first to be connected digitally to contractors using the next generation of technology in construction.

Their market advantage is engaging the automated exchange of pre-build cost data between suppliers and supply-side buyers (contractors) with enhanced data exchange and feedback from the Construction Project Supply Chain Infrastructure. The assistance of Partners benefits the entire industry sector by defining how and what data is exchanged and the underlying requirements to be adopted as a Standard in construction technology.

Construction Project Supply Chain Infrastructures Automatically initiate and Process delivery schedules based on process and metrics established between Construction Buyers and Contractors. Suppliers are automatically integrated in project communications at key scheduling milestones to verify, validate and meet project delivery schedules.

Sacha Christopolous, COO, RFQ Guides (BidForms Technology Partner)

Suppliers interested in becoming a BidForms Partner should reach out to our Partner Liaison who will put you in touch with the appropriate Technology and Organization members. Please include relevant details on your interest, type of supplier, market reach, product(s), materials or equipment and scope of direct sales to contractors.