Contractor Membership

Advocates of Pre-Construction Pricing Standards

Leading Future Technology to Benefit the Collective Individually

Reduce Contractor IT Resource and Expense Requirements

Establish Reliable IT Standards around Existing Construction Processes

Engage Construction Buyer & Contractor Accessibility by Integrating Industry IT Resources

Registered Subscribers receive a quarterly email to follow developments and announcements, news and advancements in each membership category, trade and/or field of technology.

Contractor Memberships include

    • Digital Contractor Qualifications Profile
      Standards Based Quantifiable Analytics of Contractors by Trade and Profession
      See Digital Contractor Qualification Analytics & Intelligence
    • Steering Committee Membership
      Denotes Developmental Participation in the Establishment & Adoption of Standards
      See Construction Steering Committee Methods &Guides
    • Contractor Membership
      Denotes Use-of Professional Standards and Formats for Pre-Construction Pricing.
    • Contractor Partners
      Partners provide funding, design and development resources and support. Actively participates in design. development and deployment of technology standards for the secure exchange of pre-build data between construction buyers and contractors.

Digital Contractor Qualifications Statements

A Digital Contractor Qualifications Profile replaces the age old paper statements while eliminating ad-hoc valuations of incomplete information.

Digitally enhanced, we’ve accelerated the value proposition of a Contractor’s Qualifications by transforming basic entries into quantifiable metrics for analytics. Adopting standards for the analysis of contractor qualifications provides a foundation professional construction buyers can easily understand.

Steering Groups

(Subscriber Status = Observer Only)

Bid Form Steering Group Members participate in development of technology standards and methods for the communication and exchange of confidential financial data between participants of dissimilar interest in the Construction Project Supply Chain Infrastructure.

Areas of Interest

      • Analytics and Industry Rankings
      • User Interface Requirements (desktop and mobile)
      • Front End Data Access, Display and Buyer Presentation
      • Backend Administrative Access, Management and Authentication
      • Technology, Connectivity and Security Integration
      • Contractor – Construction Buyer Data Exchange
      • Contractor – Construction Supplier Data Exchange
      • Cross Functional Data Editing/Updating
      • Data Confidentiality & Ownership


Participation highlights the Contractor Company (or individual) as a thought leader in development of future technology Standards that advance the construction industry in connecting Buyers and Contractors who compete (via price bids) in joining their Construction Project Supply Chain Infrastructure.

Contractor Members represent the Contractors’ interest as the organization establishes Standards around key operating procedures for the various types and sizes of construction companies. Contractors are represented by a wide range of trades and expertise including individual, independent, small, medium and enterprise sized companies in each trade.

As a Steering Group Member, you’ll proudly display the BidForms Contractor Plaques to demonstrate you’re a Though Leader participating in advancing Construction Technology. Separate BidForms Membership Plaques apply to participating companies and individuals (as employees) who participate independent of a company’s affiliation.

Each “Trade” has a similar set of core interest where Steering Group Members exchange their thoughts, idea’s and personal preferences, wish list and “wouldn’t it be cool” stuff. We throw stuff on the wall and what sticks gets looked at until the group abandons the idea, shelves it for later revival or adopts it and establishes an official standard or recommendation for development of technology in that field of construction.

Steering Group Leads may be appointed and/or elected by the collective of Steering Group Members to moderate and direct group discussions and/or  participate in multiple-areas of interest to bring outside topics into perspective as they may relate to any given conversation.


Highlights the contractor company, qualifying employees and Individuals as providers of standards based pre-construction pricing formats established by industry thought leaders and experts in the contractors’ field of construction. BidForms Organization Membership adhere to Professional Construction Quote Standards all other contractor quotes should be compared to.

A BidForm Member Plaque displayed on a contractors website and marketing material highlights the organization as a Member Contractor who offers pricing formats established and approved by industry experts to assure Construction Buyers obtain apples-to-apples pricing and a concise scope of work as the standard for pricing and comparison to all other contractor quotes.

BidForms Membership Plaques apply to participating companies and individuals who participate independent of a company’s affiliation. A company may display an individual’s Membership Plaque alongside the employees bio and individually (ie: home page) if linked to the employees bio.

Distinguish your firm as a standards based organization that places clarity of best practice above the cost cutting measures of contractors who alter best practices and/or the buyers scope of work for pricing advantages. Illustrate both best practice and cost cutting measures with standards based professional project quoting formats. BidForms Members force competing contractors to meet their professional price quoting standards.

Collaborate with other contractors. Locally contractors can collaborate around demand and availability where complex projects may require contractors to define a professional scope of work around the buyers’ request for pricing purposes.

BidForm Contractors standout as the standard for pricing their trades best practices, make their qualification statement accessible to buyers and may include an independent analysis of their specialty, skills and proficiency.

Benefits of Contractor Memberships

      1. Recognized Thought Leader in Construction Technology
      2. Automatic Discounts for Technology Partner Solutions
      3. Access Technology in Construction Advisory Alerts
      4. Contractor Best Practices: Contractor Guidelines and Technology Updates
      5. Industry/Trade Standards for Pricing and Quote Formats
      6. Contractor Desktop Quote/Bid Forms and Recommendations
      7. Professional Commitment to Transparent Pricing Standards
      8. Established, Reliable and Accountable Scope of Work Standards
      9. Access to Members’ Digital Contractor Qualifications Profile
      10. Digital Contractor Qualification Profile Analysis & Reports
      11. Automate Process of “Additional Insured Certificates”


Partners provide funding, design and development resources and/or support. They’re also credited as an Early Adopter of construction technology standards. Contractor Partners include individual and independent tradesmen, small, medium and enterprise size contractors. Contractors who fully engage the construction project supply chain infrastructure for digital communication between buyers, contractors and construction suppliers.

Contractors work closely with the Organization to define the latest Standards around the characteristics of the contractors firm, and deploy and actively use the technology in partnership with our Technology and Supplier Partners. They are the first to be digitally connected and fully engage the Construction Project Supply Chain Infrastructure.

Their market advantage is engaging in design, development and automated exchange of pre-build specifications and expense data between the contractor and its suppliers on one side and the buyers project request and price quotes on the other side.

Construction Project Supply Chain Infrastructure
The assistance of Construction Buyers benefits the entire real estate industry by defining administrative access and operational control for the different buyer / agent roles.

The underlying objective to recommend and adopt Standards specific to the various type of construction buyers as it relates to the future construction technology.

Technology automation improves the entire process of pricing any size construction project while offering the construction buyer a professional standards base foundation for independent analysis of the contractors’ performance, price, commitment to accountability, industry standards and professional procedures. Technology Security standards establish the underlying requirements and procedures to assure the confidential exchange of contractor financial data between the different entities.

Jerry Rice, CTO, BidForms Organization

Individual and independent tradesmen, small, medium and enterprise contractors interested in becoming a BidForms Partner should reach out to our Partner Liaison who will put you in touch with the appropriate Technology, Supplier and Organization members. Please include relevant details on your interest, type of contractor firm and/or scope of construction work.