Associate Membership

Associate are supported in the same capacity as other members but may not fit any specific membership category. Associate members address the technology interest of third parties with an interrelated integration or regulatory contributions of their individual professions. They may coexist with interest of other member categories contributing to the ancillary needs of supply chain service providers.

Registered Subscribers receive a quarterly email to follow developments and announcements, news and advancements in each membership category, trade and/or field of technology.

Consultant Memberships include

    • Steering Committee Membership
      Denotes Developmental Participation in the Establishment & Adoption of Standards
      See Construction Steering Committee Methods &Guides
    • Consultant Membership
      Denotes Commitment to Confidentiality of third party data , use-of professional standards and formats for pre-construction pricing and relies on best practices, industry standards, regulations and related documents for design.
      See Consultant Membership Ethics Rules & Standards
    • Consultant Partners
      Partners provide funding, design and development resources and support. Consultant Partners are advocates for design-side professionals who share, and/or collaborate on pre-build specifications and exchange budget data between Suppliers, Contractors and Construction Buyers of the Construction Project Supply Chain Infrastructure

Design-Side Steering Groups

(Subscriber Status = Observer Only)

Steering Group Members participate in development of technology standards and methods for the communication and exchange of confidential financial data between participants of dissimilar interest in the Construction Project Supply Chain Infrastructure.

Areas of Interest

      • Interface Layout and Requirements
      • Analytics and Industry Rankings
      • Backend Analytics by Trade
      • Front-end Analytics by Objectives
      • Data Confidentiality & Ownership
      • Consultant/Professional Roles Management
      • Cross Functional Data Administration and Authorizations
      • Third Party Service Provider Requirements

Participation highlights Consultant firms (and individuals) as a thought leader in the development of future technology Standards that advance the construction industry by connecting Buyers to potential Contractors who compete (via price bids) in joining their Construction Project Supply Chain Infrastructure.

Consultant Members represent design-side interest in establishing Standards around key operating procedures. Consultants represent a wide range of interest and expertise including architects, consultants and engineers in various trades that may or may not participate as administrative agents who represent ownership interest in obtaining specifications and budget data.

As a Steering Group Member, you’ll proudly display the BidForms Consultant Plaque to demonstrate you’re a though leader participating in developing the next generation of standards for advanced construction technology. Separate BidForms Membership Plaques apply to participating companies and individuals (as employees) who participate independent of a company’s affiliation.


Defines Construction Consulting firms, qualifying employees and Individuals as users of Standards based pre-build design specifications and pricing formats established by industry thought leaders and experts in the various trades of construction. Consultant Members adhere to recommended construction design specifications, price bid standards and format, best practices, regulations, industry standards and related manufacturer documents.

A BidForm Member Plaque displayed on a Consultant website and marketing material indicate the organization as a Consultant Member uses design and pricing formats to assure Contractors provide apples-to-apples pricing for defined scopes of work based on industry standards.

Benefits to Consultant Members

      1. Recognized Thought Leader in Construction Technology
      2. Grandfathered Membership Rates (early adopters only)
      3. Automatic Discounts from Technology Partners
      4. Construction Technology Best Practice Guidelines and Updates
      5. Standardized Pricing Formats and Bid Price Analysis
      6. Standardized Contractor Analysis Methods
      7. Compare contractors by industry trade, region, size, specialty and more
      8. Access to Digital Contractor Qualifications & Analysis Reports
      9. Buyers Process “Additional Insured Certificates” Directly with Insurance Agency

BidForms Membership Plaques apply to participating companies and individuals who participate independent of a company’s affiliation. A company may display an individual’s Membership Plaque alongside the employees bio and individually (ie: home page) if linked to the employees bio.

Distinguish your firm as a standards based organization that places best practice above cost cutting measures without sacrificing either. Assure Consultants and Contractors provide ownership with bid formats that differentiate base prices from budget based alterations to best practices.

Professional desktop forms and digital formats for each trade consultant help members use industry standards to request and/or provide best practice pricing and cost cutting measures that allow buyers to configure the final scope of work by selecting bid components. BidForm members define the standards for pre-build formats Buyers, Consultants, Contractors, Professionals and other Service Providers need to obtain pricing and facilitate the budget and cost analysis related to project objectives.


Consultant Partners
Partners provide funding, design and/or development resources and support. They’re also credited as an Early Adopter of construction technology standards. Consultant Partners include architect, consultants, engineers and other professionals in the construction trades. Consultants as third party administrators managing all or parts of the construction project infrastructure may enlist their own construction project supply chain infrastructure for the duration of any given segment of the primary construction project.

Consultant Partners work closely with the Organization, Buyer, other Design-Side Consultants and Contractor Partners to define the next generation of Standards around the characteristics of their respective construction trades. They’re early adopters who also deploy and actively use technology in partnership with our Technology Partners. They are among the first to be digitally connected and fully engaged in the Construction Project Supply Chain Infrastructure.

Their market advantage is engaging in design, development and automated exchange of pre-build specifications and expense data between contractors and service providers on the buyers Construction Project Supply Chain Infrastructure.

The assistance of Consultants benefits the entire design-side industry by defining administrative access and operational control for the different roles. The underlying objective to recommend and adopt Standards specific to the various types of consultant professions as they relate to the next generation of construction technology.

When it comes to Construction Project Supply Chain Infrastructures, Consultants are key to accurate design-side specifications and project budgeting. As infrastructure administrators they set project standards for the performance requirements of other professionals and service providers in accordance with Ownership objectives Partners work to assure consultants have the necessary resources to access and manage various components of the construction projects’ infrastructure.

Jerry Rice, CTO, BidForms Organization

Architect, consultants, engineers and other professional service providers interested in becoming a BidForms Partner should reach out to our Partner Liaison who will put you in touch with the appropriate Buyer, Technology and Organization members. Please include relevant details on your interest, type of consultant or firm and/or scope of construction project contributions.