Membership signifies you adhere to a professional code of ethics and share common goals to build a better working environment between dissimilar interest through secure automated communication and creation of independent Construction Project Supply Chain Infrastructures based on established standards.


Contractor Membership represents the interest of commercial and residential construction firms with existing processes and technology that require integrated connectivity to dynamic and permanent distributed Construction Project Supply Chain Infrastructures.


Membership for Construction Buyers, real-estate professionals, property management, investors, ownership, commercial asset and property managers who advocate buyer-side technology interest and the integration of standard operating procedures, technology, artificial intelligence and automation to improve process and procedures.


Associate Membership is for the user who doesn’t fit a traditional membership role but has interest in the integration of technology and construction project processes as the industry transitions to cloud based Construction Project Supply Chain Infrastructure platforms to facilitate short term IT resource requirements.


Consultant Members support consultants in any field of construction. Members must commit to strict confidentiality, special privacy ethics, terms, conditions and rules related to technology use, access and certain authorizations on behalf of Associate Members.


Technology Service Provider Members offer development services, solutions and updates that follow the professional standards and protocols for secure user level authorized and automated exchange of information between dissimilar entities.


Material & Equipment Suppliers signify the use of technology to automate the exchange of product availability and pricing information in real-time and gain market traction as the industry transitions into the future of construction industry pricing models.